שמחה רוטמן
Simcha Rotman

Simcha Rotman lives in Lod (he moved to Lod from Pnei Kedem following the riots in the city). He served in the School of Combat Engineering; he is married to Hannah and is the father of five children.


Prominent roles:

  • MK in the 24th Knesset (Religious Zionist Party)
  • Member of the Judicial Selection Committee
  • Cofounder of theMovement for Governability and Democracy (with Yehuda Amrani)

Prior to being elected to the Knesset, Rotman worked as a lawyer; he was a member of the Bar Association's Disciplinary Tribunal and a public activist and publicist. He cofounded the Movement for Governability and Democracy and served as its legal adviser. In 2019, he published his book, The High Court Party.

Rothman was born and raised in Bnei Brak; his family identifies with religious Zionism. He studied at Razi Li non-government Talmud Torah and the Makor Chaim Yeshiva High School. He then studied at Kerem Hesder Yeshiva in Yavne and later at the Torat HaChaim Yeshiva, when it was in Neve Dekalim.

After his marriage to Hannah, he earned an LLB from Bar-Ilan University. In 2012 he completed a LLM in public law through a joint program of the Tel Aviv University and Northwestern University in Chicago.

MK Rotman did his legal internship in the Legal Counseling and Legislation Department of the Ministry of Justice, and worked for a year at the Registrar of Associations. He later established a law firm and worked to promote the rights of victims of terror. He helped write the petition against the release of terrorists in the Shalit deal.

In 2013, about a year after he established his law firm, Rotman and Yehuda Amrani founded the Movement for Governability and Democracy and until 2021, he also served as its legal adviser. His activities included serving as legal counsel to elected official and public organizations, publishing legal policy and position papers, and representing the organization in the High Court.

Prior to joining the Knesset, Rotman promoted initiatives that became bills and even laws such as the Declaration of Assets Law  pertaining to senior officials; redefining the position of legal advisers to government ministries as positions of trust;  changing the seniority system; opposing the broad interpretation of breach of trust, and more. Rothman represented the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council in proceedings related to the Regulation Law.

As an MK, he promoted the Basic Law for Immigration as well as the Citizenship Law Prohibiting  Residency and Family Reunification to Terrorists.